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      Cranberry P.E.

      Cranberry P.E.
      Bilberry P.E. Cowberry P.E. Cranberry P.E.
      Latin name: Vaccinium vitis-idaea L.
      Other name: Bilberry/cowberry extract(powder); Bilberry/cowberry P.E.
      Product-> Agriculture-> Extract-> Plant Extract
      Type: Herbal Extract
      Active ingredients: anthocyanin  25%min
      Appearance: purple powder
      Extraction: Solvent Extraction
      Certification:  GMP
      Test Method:  UV
      Place of Origin: Liaoning China(mainland)
      Grade: Food grade & Pharmaceutical
      Brand Name: JINGLI
      Proportion standard:  25% min
      Plant Part used: Fruit of V.oxycoccus L.
      Color: purple
      Appearance: Powder
      Loss on drying: 5% max
      Ash: 1% Max
      Heavy metal: 10 ppm max
      Pesticide residues: Negative
      Microbiological standard
      Total Plate count: 1000CUF/gm max
      E.Coli: Negative
      Salmonella: Negative
      Mildew and Microzyme: 100 CUF/gm max
      Function: treating many kinds of eye disorders, like retina obscure, glaucoma, cataract.
      And also treating diabetes
      Package: 25kgs fibre drum with double plastic bags  o r as customer’s requirement
      Delivery time: prompt
      Supply Ability: 10 MT per month
      Minimum order Quantity: 5 kg
      Payment Terms: L/C T/T western Union
      Storage: Store in a cool, dry place and protected from strong light.
      Shelf Life: 2 years

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