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      About Us

      Shenyang Zhongke Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. is founded at the year 1988. It occupied an area of 13500 square meters.With part of its share held by the Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the company has established itself as a leading high-tech company involving drug and health food R&D, manufacturing and sales. The company is among the first national GMP certificated enterprises in China, too.

      Shenyang Zhongke Pharmaceutical owns a series of state-of -the-art multifunctional workshops,including extraction, concentration, purification, dehydration, oil pressing and oil refining facilities.There is also a central labaratory with large scale instruments of investigaton and analysis. Product lines of granules,troches,capsules and watered pills. We passed national GMP certifications in 2005, and gained National Drug Permission H21024335 and National Health Food Code G20041220.

      Since the establishment,our company had utilized the technology support from the Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Backed on the rich natural plant resources in Northeastern China, Sino-Acad Parmaceutical had developed health suppliment Clean Free Radical Capsules,obtained high-content Evening Primrose Oil and several other patented technologies. Our products had bulit their reputation of high effectiveness and quality with low price and sincere services.Our sales network has covered many provinces and cities in China, and also spread to more than 10 countries and regions. Our registered trade mark “Jing Li”  which could be translated literally “Endeavor in Competition” indicates our quality and strength.

      For years Shenyang Zhongke has trained a young and highly professional administrative and R&D team.The company followed its motto “Everything for human health”, worked hard on developing and producing drugs and health suppliments.
      We consider the quality and creativity as the lifeline of our business. We take the direction of global trends as our direction.With our highly cooperative and professional staffs, we are about to rise like a nova in the prospering market!


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